Platinum Dreams 4 day deal thingy


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Jun 26, 2008
Apart from the fact I can't stand the smug bloke who makes the stuff, I think the cz they use is actually better than QVC's Diamonique. Imho, the quality is much better than Epiphany - the QVC equivalent, and many of the styles were in a more believable size this time round, too, so I've bought another one. The stones have loads of fire whereas I find the Diamonique stones can be a bit flat. Anyone else tried this range and what do you think?
Hi Calico,

After your enthusiasm about the last pick of the day l took the plunge and ordered this yesterday, says despatched on website so as soon as it arrives l'll let you know what l think.
Do not like Diamonique at all, mine has gone cloudy very qyuickly , have bought Czarlite from IW before and was very impressed with its fire and sparkle, hope this is as good.
It's nice to know that the platinum dreams stuff is good quality. I haven't bought any yet as I don't wear jewellery very much, but I'm nearly always tempted. The other thing that has stopped me buying is that I don't know my ring sizes - I must nip into a jewellers and get measured.


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