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Jun 24, 2008
Does anyone have any views on this OTO ? It is a reduction of around £600 bringing it down to £796 which seems to be a good deal and on 4 easy pays .

I wonder if TJC would be better quality tanzanite for a similar price . Any comments would be appreciated .
It's a bit hard to assess because TJC don't often set 1.25ct of Tanzy into Rhapsody (their platinum collection). Also, in their Rhapsody collection you get very high quality diamond accents.

One thing I can be absolutely certain of is that I would never pay the full price at QVC of £1400 because that's a complete rip off. To help you decide:

1ct of top grade tanzanite sells for around £300-350.

Add in another £100 for the diamonds - difficult to assess because the QVC advert doesn't specify the colour or clarity of the diamonds.

Add in a Platinum setting (and again we don't know the gram weight so it's impossible to assess) but say, £250.

The beauty of the QVC ring is that you can buy it over instalments. You wouldn't be able to do that with TJC. So you have to weigh up whether that's important and then understand that you'll pay a premium for doing it that way.

Not sure that helps but can you order it and then watch TJC until you get bored because that way you'll be able to benchmark a little better?
Thank you for your advice Meeshoo and SCW . As yet I haven't decided (still in my basket) I feel that it isn't a bad price for QVC but certainly well overpriced at £1400.
Mayday, TJC have just had on a 2ct total weight beautiful Tanzanite ring, with princess cut diamonds on the shoulders, admittedly not platinum, but 14ct white gold for £369.95. As Meeshoo says, it's definitey worth watching TJC to get an indication of what else is out there, and the prices they are selling for.
TJC have just had on a top grade Tanzanite with a trillion diamond either side, total 3.25ct in 950 platinum, for £1439.95.
Thanks for your TJC info Mad4Gems . In the end I decided not to go ahead with the QVC ring although I think it was reasonable value for the ct weight in platinum .

I have a 2.2ct cushion cut tanzanite with 0.4 cts diamonds from Rocks & Co which was £699 (no windows as far as I can see) but I was tempted by the platinum .

I can only get TJC on freeview in the mornings so I don't really watch much but if I get the urge for a platinum ring again I think I will be keeping an eye in their direction.

I have had premiere tanzanite from QVC in the past but have now come to realise that it is overpriced.
Mayday, if you can only watch during their Freeview hours, you can always text the studio and ask for a Tanzy in platinum to be shown, tell them what sort of size you're after, budget etc., and they're usually quite good at doing requests.

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