Pipa's Pink Bracelet.


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Jul 11, 2008
Hi, I've been away for a while and it's good to catch up.
I have a question. Did anyone see Pipa about a week ago during a Jewellery Show. She was wearing a very pretty pink silver bracelet which she said was coloured silver. She said that there would be a show with items like this in the next few days. Did anyone see this, and has the show been on?

Many thanks.
I saw a fine 2 strand bracelet - in pink or purple during one of the silver fiesta shows. Sorry but cant find an item number. Perhaps it was that?
I saw those too ILC, and thought of ordering but what really annoyed me is how can something so very tiny cost the same to post as something such as this for example...143272, a long dress? The P&P on each of these items is £3.45 and even this coat 143080 is only slightly more P&P. So annoying :angry:


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