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Oct 24, 2008
help!!! i can't get rid of the pinky and perky sound that ive had since steve said they had got some new equipment or something the other day, ive tried updating flash player as someone on caht suggested but its made no difference, they annoying thing is that i dont have any problems watching other live jewellery channels

can anyone pu me out of my misery as its only watchable without sound on at the moment
Sorry this may sound a bit extreme!

hi tinklypenny,

We think we've pinned the sound problems to an old Flash issue. The problem is that sometimes upgrading flash doesn't resolve the issue. The best way we've found of fixing it is to go to the Adobe website and download the "Flash uninstaller" from and uninstall flash. Then close down all browsers (Firefox, IE, safari etc) and then load up the web browser, go to and download the latest version again. This will give you a nice clean install.

Sorry there's no easier way of doing this!

best wishes


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