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Jul 1, 2008
South Yorkshire
Maybe the wrong place to put this, but Ideal World have an alternative Pilates machine. It was on last Saturday and looks to be half the length of Margerine B's model. Looks very sturdy but not got the extensions for the bed to run on - looks to be weighted at the other end to compensate. At a price of £200 on 3 easi pays so good value. Also, it can be raised at one end to use your body weight.

Anybody else see this.

Pauline x
I didn't see it, but I have a 'small' pilates machine which has the sturdiness but not the width or length, and to be honest, it is not as good as pilates performer (which i had previously and sold, gutted I ever did that). My feeling now with pilates is that the board has to be full width and length so that your spine lays flat.
I also thought it was a very amateurish presentation compared with QVC's. Whatever we might say about Marjolein, she is thoroughly professional and clearly knows her stuff.

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