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summer surprise - falling in love

Philosophy Falling in Love Shower Gel & Shimmer Lotion
QVC Price£19.50 Item Number223787 on two easy pays during the 9am show.

Jude xx
Thanks Jude - I agree, The Great Mystery is fabulous - truly my desert island skin product.
I much prefer it in the tube, though I'm sure there are bargains to be had on ebay if you don't mind the big tub from the last TSV (I haven't started mine yet).

My second fav product is The Present, and third is Save Me from the range. (Save me is just a bit too pricey to buy regularly)

Jude x
Thanks for posting this - I was just thinking this morning, while I was making the first inroads into the big TSV tub of the stuff, that I was going to need to find it somewhere in the tube to take on my holidays in October.

The tube is so much more convenient and easy to use. I dread to think of the consequences on my toes if I drop that tub in the shower. :(
I've caved in and bought it! I'm so annoyed with myself for being weak (but looking forward to adding it to the stock pile anyway!).

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