Philosophy SupernaturalAir Brushed Canvas mineral foundation


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Jun 24, 2008
Has any one got any opinions on this? I'm tempted to treat myself to this but I don' know which shade to go for, either Natural or Beige. I normally use a liquid foundation but these minerals seem all the rage now and I fancy a change.
Hi Kath, I use this because I can't be bothered with the messy, faffy bits of BE. I love it and it doesn't make my skin itch. The natural is lighter than the beige. I use porcelain (not sold on QVC) in the winter and natural in summer, but could get away with natural all year round. It seems very forgiving. Good luck!
personally I've never been able to get on with it, I always end up looking cakey!!

don't know if it's me or it ;)

I prefer BE ~ my skin tends towards the oily/combination
One of my daughters uses this and loves it. She is not easily pleased and takes a great deal of care about what she is prepared to apply to her face. So I would say if it has passed her stringent standards it should be pretty good!
I love this too. I don't use this exclusively, I use halo, LG BNB Fair, and BE too but I always carry my philosophy as my retouch make up. It's a bit more matt than the others so good for fixing shine and adding a bit extra coverage. It's the one I take on holiday too as it's so easy to use and carry. You can also open it up and use a brush, the baby kabukis are a perfect size, but that can be a little messy if you're not careful.

As for colour, I use the natural. I have milky white skin so use the lightest in everything: smashbox F0 in healthy fx, fair in halo, fair/fairly light in BE. If you have a bit more colour about you then I'd reckon that beige would be better. There isn't a huge difference in the shades, they are quite forgiving, but natural may be a little pasty on more medium toned skin.
I have tried many mineral foundations (some from US) - Philosophy, BE, Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Lily Lolo & Avon.
Philosophy was the first one I tried & IMO it is definitely the best. I tend to apply mine with a brush, rather than the puff attached, and it has such a nice natural finish. I'm afraid I can't comment on the colours, as I got mine when there were only 2 available & I mix them according to the time of the year.
If you don't get on with it you can always return it to QVC, a friend got me mine from the US & when the colour wasn't right for me, I had to get a second one to mix with, so I think QVC is a good option to buy from.

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