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Having just looked at the QVC website in the UK literally all the Philosophy products are varieties of HIAJ and all the Graces!!!! One boring white bottle followed by another. Whereas on the QVC US site it is a totally different story, the website is colourful and appealing as there are loads and loads of lovely bubble baths and shower gels. All foody or fruity fragrances - so why oh why are we constantly inundated with boring boring boring Philosophy items. Come on please get a grip and give us something to look forward to, I don't even bother to wait up now for Philosophy TSVs as they are all the same just a different combination of all the same facial products.

The world is depressing enough at the minute lets see more of the range after all it does goes beyond HIAJ!!!!
Want to know why?

Because Christina who owned the brand and is still the spokeswoman appears regularly on QVC US. So of course they are giving them the stock.

What Philosophy really need to do is open a UK website for people to order from. Doubt they will.
I totally agree, Philosophy is uber boring now. I have run down all my stock and I had loads. I won't be buying any more. The Graces are not doing it for me any more. I really don't like Inner Grace and the others are just too bland for me now. More pennies saved as I have no interest in the Philosophy TSV.
Another favourite brand now being resisted without any real effort. Nothing new on offer and not impressed by the guests. Good result for me though as I still have a small stockpile to get through.
I think Philosophy is boring boring boring and HATE the graces
Would like to see some fruity handwashes but it would have to be something really special from Philosophy for me to buy anything

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