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Jul 5, 2008
:) Do any of you have any Petalite,I recently bought a pendant UWY7741
(121537) and its really pretty but I cant find anything about the gem stone in any of my gems books and I wondered if any one knows what family of gems it belongs to.
Here's a link from Wikipedia about Petalite........

I took a look in my 'Gemstones of the World' book (W Schumann) but it only described this gemstone and gave its sources. It doesn't seem to be very high on the moh's scale and so care would be needed when wearing it as a ring, possibly.

I think I have heard Mat say that info on this stone is available in the latest Gems guide book as there is nothing about it currently on the website. I don't have a copy of this book .......which may have a blue cover.

In my most recent order from Gems included a Petalite Gents ring for my OH. Personally i found the stone to be overrated, very pale, allmost colourless, not with a pinky tinge as expected. Suffice to say that ring plus a few others from that delivery have been returned to Gems.
the cut petalites you see tend to have silvery rather than pink tones. i think it looks better in the square/emerald cuts than the rounds/ovals because of its cleavage properties. it's a gorgeous clear stone but I only have loose, not set into gold.

it seems to be a pegmatite, a family of its own more or less, although it also looks to be a close relative of spodumene.
Milly, I have a ring in white gold, it's crystal clear and very sparkly. (Can't find the code :eek:). Yellow gold may give it a bit of colour but I like the ice crystal look. It's worth a look but you won't get fire from it. :)
Thankyou to every one for your info on petalite i bought it from the web and it looks crystal clear on there so i never thought it would have any colour to it i think maybe because its a concave cut it brings it to life i will definately keep it mainly because you can pop it on without it really having to match up if you know what i mean i was considering trying to get a ring as i tend to like sets of things but maybe if its not a very hard gem i will rethink as i have other things i can wear with it

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