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Sep 12, 2008
I was flicking through the shopping tv channels a few weeks back and saw a presentation for a dog training dvd/video/system.

I thought it looked quite good as we have just got a new rescue dog and have decided to buy it for my husband for xmas (he has no control over the mutt LOL) but can I find it anywhere!

Admittedly I can't remember what channel it was on (it was one of the BestDirect, Pitchwell ones *I think*) but I have been google searching all morning and just can't find anything about it!

I'm sure it was called "The Perfect Dog" or something similar... anyone got any ideas?
LOL Now I know the actual name of the product I'm reading loads of other reviews, and most people say its good and works.

The link above was for a different training system, so they are gonna knock the competition.

Thanks for all your help Dolly, at least I can read all about it now before I decide.
Lily - when you've used this can you let me know what you think of it. I've been wondering whether to purchase it or not. We've got a VERY strong willed Jack Russell who could do with some training!!! LOL

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