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Oh no the mind powers.......the mind powers...........
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I can make you waste your money!

The only way to keep the weight of IMHO is to exercise regular and eat small amounts.
Has he moved channels or is he peddling his wares everywhere these days?

And yes Dazzler, you're right- eat less, exercise more and the weight drops off! A lot cheaper too!:lol:
are you sure it's still 'I can make you thin' and not 'I can make you buy a karcher and other monotonous repeats'.........cos that's what IW really need.:33:
I don't know about making you thin, but he is a sure cure for insomnia.:54:
Maybe he's had enough of the "I am so sincere bit" that he has to for QVC! I accidentally saw a bit of one of his TV series on a non shopping TV channel recently, and it was revolting - far more suited to IW!!!

Passing thought, though - what will Catherine Huntley do without her guru!?!?

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