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Jul 1, 2008
I had my first delivery today and Wow! everything is absolutely stunning.
I am gobsmacked by the quality of the gems and workmanship they are all beautiful.
Here is a sample of three of the pices I bought for myself, I won;t show the others as they are presents and they may see them on here.

1. Amethyst ring its beautiful a lovely delicate colour and it fits lovely.
2. Amethyst bracelet to match the ring, the earrings are coming tomorrow.
3. I bought this specifically to go on my 3 coloured gold chain because I couldn't find anything with a big enough bale to fit and its perfect.


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I like them all too, what a very unusual chain, never seen one like that before.

Well done.
Thank you M4G, Jan, I can't stop looking at them, they are stunning the pendant will never be coming off, its perfect for the necklace.
It looks like I will be having deliveries the next two days, I have put more in my basket.LOL!.
some lovely pieces saphire , Amethyst my favourite [or used to be] i seem to be collecting pearls at the moment,they are so reasnable here at Rocks.:40:
Saphire - you were absolutely right!! I remember in the chat you were saying you had a special chain to go with the pendant - and they go beautifully together. I've had my eye on that one for a little while - but then that can be said with just about everything on Rocks!!!! Especially love the ring too. Congrats with your haul & have fun wearing it all!
hi saphire i bought that pendant for my sister for xmas hope she likes it
i like the braclet very much but i need a long length so unlikely to fit me but enjoy your lovely pieces i expect you will be back for more though quite soon lol
I have just got my second haul wow they are just as stunning. One of the rings the Morganite didn't come with a card and can't remember what carat weight it is and I can't find it on the website.
I will post photos later.
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my kama braclet and charms arrived today, I asked hubby to check as it's for xmas, I'm putting xmas cash off rellies together to pay for it, I was expecting 3 gem charms 2 spacers and I'd bought an addition dangly charm, but there are 2 of each gem charms (6) and the dangly so I am ell impressed, if I'd bought seperatley with p and p it would have cost from rocks about £70 I paid £39 if I'd have bought from warren james it would've cost about £90:11:
Thanks Tabs I have emailed them and its sorted, they have brilliant customer service I am well impressed.

I have had problems since I joined rocks for some reason I can't seem to check out. Customer service has been the tops trying to sort it out.
I keep getting timeouts I have tried all sorts closing every program and clearing cookies before going to check out, once it has worked the rest of the time I have had to go into chat help or phone. I haven't a clue what the problem is.
I am just waiting for the battery to charge on the camera so I can take some photos.
Sorry I haven't posted the images yet but I have been so busy.
I had another delivery today, after I opened them I realized there should have been a third package with about 5 items in. I do hope its not gone missing it has some beautiful items I am really looking forward to seeing.

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