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Oct 7, 2008
I bought a Palson portable induction hob a few years ago and it's been excellent, so I was happy to order the Grand Gourmet on 90-day waitlist, and it arrived within 10 days, so I was pleased. However, I'd be grateful if anyone who has this item could give me a few pointers.

In short, the instructions are pants and so I'm not sure if the thing is working properly or no. My main prob is the thermostat - how long should it take to heat the pan up? And does your GG maintain its heat well? From the list of foods in the booklet, you'd think it would be quite powerful, but I couldn't even get it to cook a pancake through and I had it on setting 4.

Am I doing something wrong that isn't obvious to me? Or do you think this is a returns job? I don't think it was a 'used' item reshipped as it certainly looked BNIB.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
I've not got one but when they were on Ideal Paul the "chef" :pB: was saying they are very quick to heat up and retain heat well,sounds like yours has a problem twomachines.
Thanks Snoopy. Now I have to phone QVC and whine for a free return for a faulty product. I hate the returns routine. Does the return show up on your account nowadays?

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