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Lady Darls

Jun 24, 2008
I keep logging in to Rocks and then it says 'thank you for logging in etc. and takes me to the auction page, and says i'm not logged in.

Have just tried 4 times and it happened each time so gave up lol, I tried to bid 4 times on an emerald cross but each time it took me back to the log in page, how odd lol
Darls for some reason that happens to me on occasion. I use firefox instead and it's usually ok with that! If you really want something, give me a shout with your max bid and I'll bid for you.
Darls, I had the exact same problem the first week I tried to log on. It would let me log in but when I went to another page ..I wasn't logged in at all!

It seems that Yahoo doesn't like RocksTV for some reason!! I now go to Rocks via Internet Explorer and that seems to have solved my problem!
I think when it gets really busy the system gets a bit overloaded. I had terrible problems today, tried to bid on a few things it took so long that the connection timed out.
Wont work for me either, in fact it never does if I am making my second visit and I never bothered to log out the first time and just cleared the screen instead !
I think its to do with the code you have to type in !

I get the same code from earlier
I have this problem all the time Darls but it works if I clear my cookies, I don't have to clear anything else just cookies in Firefox then I can log in.

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