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Jun 24, 2008
Sorry if this has been asked before.
But why is the p&p is so expensive (£7.99 )
When some thing's you buy would cost less to send.
I notice some thing's have been £2.99 and that's all there
worth but put the p&p on and it comes to nearly a tenner.
I have bought things that i have got cheaper but when it has
arrived it doesn't weight hardly anything .
So sometimes your not saving what with the £1.50 phone call & p&p.:33:

I ALWAYS take into account when buying anything from them, the final price and p&p. and then think if i can get it cheaper elsewhere.
I always buy from the web so don't pay £1.50 phone call so if you phone take that into account too. :)
I just add £10.00 to the price of everything before I decide whether or not I want to buy it. As the phone call is £1.50 (if I don't bid online) and the postage is either £7.99 or £8.99 adding a simple £10.00 is the easiest way to work out the real cost. I actually find this far easier than trying to work out the real cost of something on, say, QVC when the item costs £28.78 and the P&P is £5.45.

I do the same as JoolzS.

I thought everybody simply added a tenner on the top. It seems that the only people incapable of doing that bit of maths are the Sit-up presenters.

Why am I not surprised.
I just had to change channels on my TV to see if that was true. They are obviously passing on the VAT change. I wonder how long it will last.

Usually the items over 3 kg arrive by courier and these are accepted by courier if returned. Items that may be less than 3 kg may be bulky and not delivered by the postman. I get some post office van deliveries, too. I don't like paying £8 and £9 a go for deliveries but items arrive within days so I regard it as express delivery. I often get emails saying the item has been despatched on the same day as I ordered it online. I like the reliability of the courier service. The jewellery may have an extra postage charge added even for the cheaper diamonesque items with starting prices at upto £100.

The customer feedback is upto 98% pleased so somebody must be saving money otherwise there wouldn't be so name names appearing onscreen for most TV auctions. I've saved hundreds of pounds so far through regular auctions, web exclusives and megadrops. Some promotions are hit and miss affairs so I give them the benefit of the doubt as a longterm customer. It's very rare to receive a damaged parcel and even then the contents are usually unharmed. I keep the packaging in case items are to be returned, but most of the time I haven't got anything to complain about, except their websites which delay every attempt at purchasing something causing me to miss out on dozens of megadrops and regular auctions. I even have to load up webpages ahead of their auctions so the graphics are loaded for when I need to auction details to load later. Guess where the Buy Now and Confirm Bid links are... Not at the top of the webpages, that's for sure...

Any postage costs we save can go towards future purchases, eventually...

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