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Jul 9, 2008
Many of the beauty products available now on QVC claim to offer daily exfoliation, but can a combination of these prove too much for your skin?

For example, I recently won a 30ml tube of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I've not used it before but it seems really good and something I might like to use each day. However, I also like using Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Face Wash.

Both of these products say that they exfoliate, so would using both of them morning and evening be more exfoliation than the skin could handle?

Would there then be a need to use a more thorough exfoliator once or twice a week as most of the beauty guests advocate?

I haven't had any problems with my skin as yet, but do wonder what is the best way to combine these products for maximum effect, whilst also not overdoing it.

What do you think?
i dont use elemis, but i think the tri enzyme is meant to be an addition to cleansing not an actual thorough cleanser in its self(if that makes sence) i do use liz earle c+p every day twice a day and wouldnt say its over exfoliating, i think it will all depend on what your skin type is, mine is oily and the less i use on my skin the better it seems to be i only exfoliate once a week sometimes twice if i feel the need, if your skins dryer i heard its better to exfoliate a bit more as it stimulates the skin.
i'd say use either the elemis or liz earle daily. and with the elemis, no need for other exfoliation weekly, with liz earle, you don't need to but could prob get away with a weekly exfoliator too. over exfoliating is not good if you have oily skin, as it can encourage the skin to produce more oil. Also, if you have broken capillaries then use a gentle exfoliator as to harsh/strong exfoliation can make them worse.
The Liz Earle is very gentle and classed as a physical(sp) exfolitant, the Elemis Tri En is what is classed as a chemical exfoliatant as it uses enzmes. Both together would be too much for the skin on the face.

The only way I think would be to rinse off the Liz Earle without using the muslin clothe which defends the whole idea of it. If you use the Elemis you will need to use a sunscreen everyday on the face too. Liz Earle also has a weekly exfoliator in her range for a deeper cleanse.
The Elemis Tri-Enzyme as Donna and Emma say - is quite a powerful exfoliant - so much so that you MUST use an SPF cream to protect your skin afterwards.

You can 'over exfoliate' - your skin will let you know as it will become red and sensitive - although using a muslin cloth method plus a weekly granular cleanser will be fine. You can exfoliate twice a week if you have exceptionally dry or oily skin.

I would be wary of mixing to many product ranges re your cleansing and exfoliating routine - all skintypes and tones are different so what works for one will not work (or will be too strong for another)

You won't see the true benefits of a new product or even a new skincare range very quickly - in some instances you need to wait a couple of weeks or longer for the real benefits to show
Thanks, might just stick with Elemis then as it has always agreed with my skin.

I will continue to use the cleanser and toner twice daily, along with the tri-enzyme wash. Once a week I use the skin buff as well, and when I do this I don't use the tri-enzyme on that occasion.

I do now use the Elemis liquid layer during the day for SPF protection.

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