Oulets store Warrington


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Jun 25, 2008
Just thought I'd post to say I've been today and they had the biggest load of crapola that I have ever seen.

Loads of Christmas decs at 50% off, truely hideous nylon clothing and some jewellery that was there the first time I visited it a couple of years ago. Just glad that I'd visited on the way to somewhere else!!
Happens like that sometimes, wall to wall carp and yet you can go at another time and have loads to choose from, its really luck of the draw.
oh no, doesn't bode well for our visit...sister is up from Suffolk looking for her bargains....fingers crossed it might be just what she is looking for. On my count I will be glad to save some pennies...last week with visiting family and spending oodles on my adorable new grand daughter I don't need any more temptation!

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