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Boris Bear

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Jun 24, 2008
Why has that woman just shown that a travel hairdryer uses more electricity than an Oreck vacuum cleaner? Of course a hairdryer uses more electricity as it generates heat. Or maybe I'm just being thick and I should stop trying to clean my carpets with a hairdryer and save electricity by using an Oreck.

Seriously, I got one last week at the outlet for £125 with the hand held cylinder one (that can pick up a bowling ball....). I thought I'd try one as -

a) I'm a terror for breaking vacs - even Dysons, that I don't like anyhow
b) my boss says they're the best vacs he's ever used in a rest home he's had for 27 years......

It is fab - sooo lightweight, which is why I wanted it, cos of the arthritis. It looks retro to me, an XL in red and grey and takes up very little floor space......but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

The small one is cracking too.
Ali x

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