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Jul 1, 2008
South Yorkshire
Just be aware that if you order C&C items through Ideal World (which I did when I couldn't access C&C website), you WON'T get the C&C Club discount.

I ordered a couple of items through IW this week, as I couldn't find the numbers etc on C&C website. They didn't give me the 10% discount, so I queried it, only to be told that as I'd ordered on the IW website, even though they were the same item numbers, account number etc. I won't get the discount. I did get them post free, and one item is going back, so not too bad, but it's the principle. Not happy :mad:

Hi Aranlady

I've always thought this was wrong too, they used to make it quite clear that you would only get the discount when you ordered through the C & C website (Alan and Barry days) I rarely watch now so don't know if they mention it at all.

I think they did extend it (for a while) to telephone orders when they were having problems with the website
Now that's funny. I can't order on the website at work :eek: so have had to order on the phone and when I've mentioned it, they said my account number automatically qualified me for the discount. So why, I ask meself, did my account number not qualify me for the discount when ordering on IW website????? :confused:

Pauline x
yes, this happened to me as well and they wouldn't budge on it.

It's disgusting and I don't think they should mention the discount in IW. Typical mean mindedness from IW!

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