Open day treat plus a few others


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Jun 24, 2008
Well the first one is a lovely rose quartz necklace that was given as agift from the open day from rocks,its really pretty so thanks to all at rocks for the gift and a lovely day.
Next is a tigers eye bracelet that kept going in and out of my basket till i lost the will..... so thankyou to the lovely Sweetpea who managed to get me one xxxxx

Then a lovely pair of green amethyst earrings that i won in a competition ..they are lovely ,just ordered apendant to match.

My Moldavite ring is a lovely green and i am so happy with it ,just need to complete the set ..and saw some lovely moldavite ready to be set at the open day , so im ready waiting!!!

my tanzanite reversible which i love was my silver wedding pressie,love the colour

p.s are my pics getting better??


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plus ive tried to get a good pic of my yellow sapphire which is a simple but elegant ring and sparkles beautifully

I will post some more but as yet cant find them LOL, they were delivered to the village on Friday someone has them but as yet no luck in finding the person who signed for them ...please cover your delicate ears on Monday when i phone DPd ........


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Isn't the necklace just gorgeous, I would have happily paid for it, I got the amethyst version which suits my colouring better. The tanzy reversible looks a really good colour, and lucky you winning those pretty earrings. I must say that the moldavite is a glorious colour, which doesn't always come across on screen, so hopefully with all those new stones they've got, you'll get a pair of matching earrings and a pendant.

I saw the yellow sapphire aired and it was just lovely, but then again, I have to old one or two sapphires myself :whistle:

Boohoo for me that all the lovely bracelets they've had lately are too big.

Lovely items there Mariek and sounds like you had a great day down at Rocks Towers. Congrats on the tanzy reversible and your silver wedding. That was so nice of SP to grab the bracelet for you - people are so helpfull on both sites.

Good luck with your missing delivery - I hope that gets sorted quick for you, please let us know how it goes.
Congratulations on your lovely reversible ring! You lucky thing!
Love those earrings you won, I was sitting at the screen willing it to be me coz they're just stunning!
Glad you finally got your moldavite too, I have a couple of smaller ones from QVC and it's a really unusual colour.
How lovely of Rocks to give you all a free gift when you visited - I'm getting more jealous all the time lol, wish I had been able to go.
Enjoy your lovely things - and yes, your photos are definitely great!
Wow that is a lovely necklace - thank you for showing it. Your others are fabulous - is the tanzy in yellow gold - I got the white one - arent the diamonds fabulous xx The yellow sapphire is stunning - i love yellow sapphires they are like yellow diamonds - enjoy wearing them xx
love your taste in bling scorps looking forward to the moldavite aswell but i wont bid against you when it comes to rocks auctions if only one in the auction glad you enjoyed your day at rocks.
love your taste in bling scorps looking forward to the moldavite aswell but i wont bid against you when it comes to rocks auctions if only one in the auction glad you enjoyed your day at rocks

AWWc dont be daft you GO GIRL and get some... im telling you lol
lovely items Marie. loved the sapphire when it was aired. i love all their round solitaire items at the moment and wish pennies werent so scarce.

good for you bagging the moldavite. those new stones will also make some lovely pieces won't they.
Lovely pieces mariek. I have the tiger's eye bracelet and wear it a lot. love the tanzy one. Wear all in good health xx
Marie after seeing your post, I had another look at my Open Day gift today and was most surprised to find that it fit me. Not an item I would usually wear at that short length because I wear a diamond solitaire pendant every day. However it did look nice and matched perfectly, being a blush amethyst, the top I happened to have on.
I know wat u mean sammi,i tend to go for pendants as many of the necklaces i like i want a longer length,so this was an added bonus as mine fitted a treat tooo,so another thumbs up xxxx
Lovely stuff Marie. Moldavite is a gorgeous green- I adore green gems and the reversable tanzy is a beaut.

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