Open day photos needed!


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Hi all,

does anybody please mind emailing me ([email protected]) any pictures you took on our open day, so that i can put them in our first news letter which is just about to go to print.

best wishes and many thanks


PS: you are ALL invited to my birthday party on Sunday, starts midday till midnight, i'm presenting ALL 12 hours, be sure to tune in or turn up to the studio with a cake, either way your more than welcome
Oh no, John just said we can't take visitors on a Sunday, so i am affraid you can't turn up! Oh well, we will have to share the party through the internet!


Steve are you mad 12 hours in the hot seat on your birthday
Who's idea was that lol
talk about glutton for punishment or what !!!
We'll be there i'm sure but perhapes not all day and night
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday Steve - Glad to see you are an Aquarian - there are loads of us in rox lol - have a fab day n save us some cake :D :D :D LOL
Will there be any trumpeting fanfares to herald your arrival:54:



Working 12 hrs on your birthday?! Ouch! You share the same birthday as my late Mum Steve - happy birthday for Sunday :10:
I have emailed my photos to Steve, so if any of you don't want to be in the newsletter, you'd better email him!


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