OMG@The Price Of These Diamonique Earrings!!


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they have done the same with most jewellery items, double or triple the price than a year ago!
just got in and watched the tail end of this show, how they can justify over £90 for a necklace is staggering, reckon some of their prices have tripled recently, can't wait for someone to start doing "Cash4Silver" as at these prices I must have a king's ransom just right for melting down!!
It's ridiculous isn't it. I ordered a Tamara Beckwith ring two years ago. It was available in two colours, both of which I wanted, but only one was in stock at the time, so I ordered it. I paid just around the £30 mark for it. The other colour option was unavailable for f*****g ages and when it finally did come back into stock the price had miraculously risen to over £50. Needless to say I am still and will always be without the other colour :sad:

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