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Jun 27, 2008
...Who else has received a Shimoyo rubellite?

I have to say it is totally gorgeous - I love the hot pink colour (even though I know it's not everyone's favourite).

(I didn't get the special booklet, though - I'm assuming that will come later...)
Hi Miss M,

I am pleased you are happy with your purchase.

You should get the booklet with your order, and I do remember seeing your name on one.

Anyway, I will get one posted out to you today. :D

PS - I have sent you a PM too.

Kind Regards,

Rocks & Co. COO
Thanks MissM, it looks stunning - no wonder you are so pleased with it. Are the diamonds lovely and twinkly as well?
Yes, Jacqualina, they are!

I saw the same design in AAA tanzanite a few weeks ago and loved it, but I wasn't looking for another AAA tanzanite (I bought a pendant a little while ago) and anyway it was too expensive. So I didn't hang around when this one appeared. Five of them sold in seconds (even though it was after midnight), so looks like a winning design!
Love you're ring Miss M, really like the trilliant cut and really think this colour suits that cut, well done on your purchase & enjoy wearing your new ring
Oooooooooo lovely Miss M, I'm a fan of hot pink and the trillion cut.


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