Ojon Tawaka Rejuvenating Cream


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Polly Esther

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Oct 7, 2008
While pervi...ahem I mean while watching the Ojon shows with Denis yesterday, they had this Tawaka cream on - body moisturiser and can be used on the face.

Seems to have good reviews on the website, but I really can't justify £33 at the moment, but am tempted by some on ebay.

Anyone tried any?
I like the sound of that!

I've just had a very interesting thought now, involving Denis and chocolate mousse.

I really fancy some of that. The cream I mean. :54:
love it too, excellent for body and face. I love the scent of it too.
I still have 2 jars unopened of this cream, ppl were complaining the the tubes were reformulated, so i had to stock up.
Excellent as a primer, if you use MMU it is creates a perfect base
I use it mixed with the hair restorative treatment. It seems to make the restoative treatment work even better, makes it easier to work through the hair and leaves it shinier and softer than with the treatment on its own.
It's the only stuff that's ever softened my feet & I've tried EVERYTHING. I'll never be without this & my Microplane.

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