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Sep 20, 2008
Has anyone else noticed that they only ever demonstrate this on blondes or people with grey hair? I am a brunette and when I used this it left my hair with a white residue just like all the other dry shampoos. Think this is a bit off would like to see them getting baby oil out a brunettes hair without it looking like they have had a packet of flour emptied on their head!
Ah, you have put me off now! I was going to ask if people have this and if it's any good. Although my hair is blonde, I think you would still see if that's what it does to you. Thank you for pointing that out!
I tried it when they first launched it - it was ok but no better than the Batiste Dry shampoo (which I use in emergencies if my hair is looking a bit greasy), but the Batiste is under £2 compared with £18.45 inc p&p for the Ojon!!!
I really rate the Ojon Rub Out. Don't use very often but it leaves hair feeling really clean and not powdery at all.

I agree, I have had very dark brown hair for a while now, and before that was quite blonde. I have never had any problem with residue at all. The only thing I would warn is that you need to make sure there isn't too much residue from the bit where the liquid comes out of the spray because once it solidifies it is a devil to unbung!
I tried this, but found the results no different to Batiste Dry Shampoo that you can get in Boots for about £2 ish!
I do use Ojon hair products and am a natural blonde, but I find the Ojon Rub Out to be less effective than Batiste.

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