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Jun 24, 2008
Tuned in this afternoon for a short time to see my fave John. Saw several pieces described as "Paraiba" but for all the world looked like white Topaz! The colour wasn't even enough to be classed as Sky Blue Topaz - it was awful!

I really hope it was Tony buying again as I feel very sorry for anyone else getting any of these home and hoping to see something as special as Paraiba!



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More of the same today, looking like aquamarine, and at much lower prices.
I have noticed that too, on a few occassions - one time the colour was so wishy washy, i thought it was green amerthyst. Mind you i noticed on Gemstv the other day someone was presenting a PT ring, and the colour was really bad too, so perhaps GT are buying their PT from Rocks and Co!! LOL xx
<a href="http://s134.photobucket.com/albums/q107/jantaculum/Jewellery/?action=view&current=P1000705.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q107/jantaculum/Jewellery/P1000705.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

For comparison purposes!

The above ring is over 6cts and has nearly 5 grams of 18ct gold

Yes, it's included but the colour is so intense and vivid in real life (it is unbelievably camera-shy) that the inclusions only show in photos.

It cost about the same as many of the blue topaz impersonators that I saw on Rocks and Co this afternoonconfused

I've never bought from Rocks & Co, and like the tanzanite that I saw today, but wouldn't remotely be tempted by their paraiba
I wonder if the presenters ever get embarrassed about these dire pieces of jewellery they're flogging. I know I couldn't do it without feeling enormously guilty and would probably blurt out, "Please don't buy this rubbish."

Still love your colour change sapphire ring, Jantac ..... but that PT is absolutely gorgeous and it's set in YG! :envy:
Never see pieces like that now. :sad:

Gems? :cheeky:
Oh Jantac - I remember those days hun! Gems had neon Paraiba in abundance that you didn't need a mortgage to own!

Fabulous and as you say, Rocks and Co sell Topaz for what you paid for this.
I was just so shocked, Klos, when I watched the paraiba hour yesterday. There might be people who like the pale 'paraiba' or maybe someone who just wants to know that they own a piece but can't afford good quality stones, so I suppose (if rather grudgingly) that it is saleable.

But surely, even if that is the case, it shouldn't be costing as much as the pale Rocks & Co pieces do? Can't get my head around those prices at all.

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