Nyce Legs


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OMG what has the women demonstrating this product done to her face do you think she has sprayed it with nyce legs!!!! :16:

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! The woman's orange ffs! Good job she's tall, otherwise she'd look like an Oompah Loompah!
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> Looks great with the red dress.
All together now....


Met her on a blind date, helping out an old mate
Waiting at the corner, she’s be dressed in black
There was I expecting a really tasty bird
He said she was good looking, I should have doubt his word
When I saw her there she was a real disgrace
I thought nice legs shame about the face

I had to take her dancing, I couldn’t let her down
So we caught the bus to the other side of town
Out upon the dance floor, I wasn’t getting far
So I had a drink with my friends up at the bar
I asked them what they thought of her they fell about the place
And they said nice legs shame about her face

She said could we go bowling,
I said that would be fine
But when I bought the tickets
She’d already changed her mind
She was turning out to be a real hard case
Nice legs shame about the boat race

Downed a gin and soda, tapped me on the shoulder
Whispered in my ear it’s getting kind of late
When I took her home we hardly said a thing
I walked her to the door, expected to go in
She looked me up and down and really put me in my place
She said nice legs shame about your face
I think she has about 5 layers of darkerst fake tan on. Looks horrible and just makes her look older.

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