Now that's what I call Paraiba!


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Jun 24, 2008
I am sick fed up seeing presenters on other channels getting orgasmic over almost colourless Paraiba!!

Now this is what I call Paraiba! Beautiful neon colour and set in Platinum. The final price was £1099 and it didn't sell but if I could have afforded it I would have jumped at the opportunity to get it home for a look IRL.
Here's a screen print and the link:-

They've got the second pic one on just now - more of a blue colour but has to be a good price at £799 for a 2 carat stone!


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They had a 4ct pear cut pendant earlier that was yummy! You can actually see the colour and neon quality unlike the colourless rubbish at Rocks and Co.
I saw that on the tv it was gorge, if i'd have had that money on me i also would have bought it for a closer looksie, they seem to have fantastic quality pt at the moment

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