Not Simon Smithies again!!!!!!


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Simon Sims

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Dec 22, 2008
I see todays TSV is a printer from Kodak and the guest presenter is yet again, Simon Smithies!

Sorry but this guy really annoys me and make me want to turn the channel over - they must be losing lots of customers with his poor presenting skills!

Bring someone on, that at least has a clue what he is talking about.

Perhaps he could come on and sell franchises for the Red driving school he promotes on tv?
So hes not a real driving instructor and hasn't given up the 9/5 I really hate that advert, earn £30.000 a year, driving instructors are suffering from the credit crunch like everyone else I'm married to one
They must have stopped the auditions for guest presenters, I just don't understand why they are using him, think his is officially the worst guest on QVC.
i was cringing when he was on with the acer computer with sara.,gosh shes all mouth & wouldnt allow the man to talk.......guess you guys think this is a good thing though

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