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Dec 8, 2008
I ordered a Ceylon sapphire ring back in November – a Christmas present for my wife – over the phone during a live auction on the TV. I waited for delivery, which is normally 3 to 5 working days, but gave up waiting after two weeks.

My first phone call to customer services was short. The customer services girl (Louise) told me their systems were down and could I phone back in a couple of hours. I did not find this reassuring.

My second call to customer services told that there had been problems with my credit card and that payment hadn’t gone through, but the ring was being kept for me. I asked how payment couldn’t have gone through as the payment is authorised while on the phone when the item is purchased. I was told in an off-hand manner by the customer service girl (Rachel) that she was on holiday when the purchase was made, so it was nothing to do with her.

I then asked why Rocks & Co hadn’t phoned me to tell me there was a problem with my card details – to be told they had. I assured the customer service girl (Rachel) that they hadn’t. I got her to read out my phone number and guess what – it was wrong. So basically the call centre got my credit card number wrong and my telephone number wrong when I placed my order.

After some discussion I was asked for my card details again so that the ring that Rocks & Co had kindly kept aside for me could be despatched. I made the customer service girl (Rachel) repeat my credit card number and telephone number, which she did in a surly and contemptuous manner. I also asked for confirmation that payment had gone through, to be told that she (Rachel) couldn’t process my order, it would have to be done by her supervisor later that day. I came off the phone angry at the customer service girl’s attitude and in no way reassured that I was going to receive the ring.

It’s nearly a week later now and still no sign of the ring.

Today I have failed to get through to customer services for most of the morning – it just rings and rings, nobody answering. I finally got through to a customer service girl (Ashley). I gave her my reference number and asked for confirmation that the ring had been posted. She told me that it hadn’t, but she would personally ensure it went immediately. I told her not to bother and to cancel the order. I asked her if payment had gone through, and she assured me it hadn’t. We shall see when I receive my bill.

Though Ashley was polite, at no point have any of the customer service staff apologised for the appalling service provided by Rock & Co. I have bought from QVC, The Jewellery Channel and Gems TV in the past with absolutely no problems, their staff always polite and helpful. This was my first purchase with Rocks & Co, and it will be my last.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying from Rocks & Co is to steer well clear – don’t touch them with a barge pole.
Welcome to the forum Barn Door. Sorry to hear about all your woes with Rocks and I can understand that you are not happy. However, they are a new company and freely admit that they are having teething problems and that their service isn't up to scratch at the moment and their new systems will not be in place until the New Year. If you still feel like it, you could contact Andrew (COO) or Rocks&co Helper, I am sure they would try to sort something out to your satisfaction. I've had some problems with them too, but they've done their upmost to sort things out and their jewellery is stunning. Good luck.

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