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Jun 24, 2008
Day off today, so I thought I would start to sort out some bits and pieces I can give as presents.

My daughter loves some of the Decleor range and I have bought sets for her that also have things in I know she would not have needed/used and I saved some of the bits and bobs for stocking fillers. Well, I am not best pleased that now I have looked at some closely - mostly body stuff that is in white opaque tubes - I can see they are only half full. I can't give them to anyone, they look as if I have used them. Makes me wonder how much is in the yellow tubes that you can't see through.

Too late for me to do anything. The kits were split up but it has made me wary and think once again, are some of the TSV beauty sets made up partly of seconds???

Grrr Grr grits teeth in annoyance...
I do remember them saying something about that yonks ago.. something along the lines of "don't expect the bottles to be full" as that is normal. The only way of knowing if we are getting short changed would be to weigh the tube when you first get it, then reweigh once empty, and work out how much was exactly in the tube....
Having sold Decleor in the past for quite a few years - they do NOT fill their tubes up totally to the top, there is always a gap (most manufacturers do not but you don't notice as they mostly use opaque tubes).

If the tube states there is, say, 10mls of product inside - there will be - the tubes they use are larger than the amount of product - makes it look as if you are getting more - naughty but true.

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