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Aug 25, 2008

This is not about jewellery I just need some help if possible. I've not been a member here for long and I usually try to figure out things by myself but it's driving me mad now! How do I put a picture in my profile so it comes up next to my posts?? I have heard people say that I need to purchase an upgrade or something but I can't find anywhere that you can upgrade to a subscription!

Does anyone know how to do this?

cheers in advance
Hi Wibbly. You need to use the donate button in the top information bar - can you see it, the red button? If you use that. you can donate an amount to subscribe to be a VIP and that will allow you more priveleges.

It's not much - and Graham upgrades you really quickly.
I was told it was £3 and have just looked now and that has been doubled:confused:
after you've done that, if you still need help re an avatar (pic beside your name) give any of us a shout and we'll talk you through it.

Don't forget to have a pic you would like ready, on your computer, in your pics though :)

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