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Jun 29, 2008
I have just recieved a letter today from qvc regarding a flannel bed set i purchased back in january.

I am writing to you regarding the northern nights bedding that you purchased on 26/01/2008.
It has come to our attention through customer feedback(so they do take notice of what we write)ratings and review service on that there may be a quality issue with some of our styles within our northern nights flannel range.Upon further inspection the majority of these items have met our quality standards.However,we did identify some batches of product with excessive bobbling(thats an understatement)and pilling,during the products initial period of use(how about everytime i use it).

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase of Northern Nights Flannel.
If your product had an issue,we would like to offer you a replacement.If your item is not in stock,we can look to provide you with the option of an alternative item similar in style and value.

Should these options not prove suitable for you we will provide you with a full refund including p+p.If you experienced thid issue with your bedding and wish to pursue a replacement or refund,please contact our CSD,please note that we will need to recieve and inspect your item prior to processing a replacement or refund.

We would like to assure you that we have worked closely with our supplier to address this issue and are confident that moving forward our quality standards are being maintained through all of our Northern Nights product range.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with QVC and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom.

I rang qvc as everytime i use my bedding there is fluff everywhere,the flannel is so comfy and i love sleeping in it,i have arranged a collection and ordered a replacement in a different colour
I've had two sets of the flannel for a while now. One set bobbled like mad when it was new but is not so bad now. The other set has never bobbled at all. The bobbly one has gone baggy too :confused:
I bought one of the new heavyweight flannel sets in Natural, mine was from the outlet (bargain at £17 brand new!). I loved it but it shed like crazy, everytime I got up in the morning it looked like somebody had shaved a sheep in the bedroom lol. I persisted with it because it was so lovely to sleep in and after a few months it finally stopped. Have been using it trouble free for about 12 months now.

I hope they do solve the pilling issue because my set is fabulous but I don't think I could go through that mess ever again!

Still good to hear they have offered you a replacement MM :)
I've got the same set in Sage(King size) bought in Jan/2007. It was a TSV I think. And it's still fine.
I've got some NN flannel sets but never had any problems so far. Maybe I've been lucky?
Hi All
My first purchase of NN a couple of years ago was a flannel set and it bobbled like crazy, to the extent that I had to attack it with BIC razor and shave off all the bobbles!!
I thought it was just my fault because I think I run marathons in my sleep!!
Its nice to know they have accepted there is a problem:eek:
I cant get on with ANY of the Northern nights flannel sheets they come full of fluff before you put them on the bed. And the ones that dont there is fluff everywhere all in your hair on your body on the floor!!! I sent 7 sets back. I decided it was not for me asda sheets are better at half the price! I so wanted the Northern Nights to be good, as the featherbed and the pillows are heaven.
NN flannel has always bobbled, despite all the tripe spouted by scary Suzie, it isn't just an issue with a particular batch. I have several sets of flannel and they all pill, but I've noticed it's much worse on OH's side of the bed for some reason. It is very cosy in winter though, so I continue to use it.
The set that i am returning is 825437 in sage

The set i am getting is 827419 in red

I am sure there will be no difference as i think all the flannel bobbles and pills

I've had quite a bit of flannel and none of it has, so far pilled or bobbled. Maybe I'm just lucky! Hopefully the new ones will be better for you.

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