No more Craft blockwotsits etc before Christmas


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Jun 26, 2008
At least I think thats what i heard ?

But I might have been dreaming............but then they could always change their mind if the can't get rid of the LOVELY stuff in the clearance.

Judging by how many times its been on today, they should sack the buyer that bought too much of the LOVELY stuff that no one ordered, now I wonder why such LOVELY stuff never sold.

Answers on a postcard to IW, please print clearly so that new, unusual or interesting words can be added to the vocabulary
I wouldn't mind if they limited Craft to once or twice a week, as QVC does, but the way IW literally ram Craft down your throat is beyond a joke. A 4-day-deal and craft weekend starting tonight ? Have they nothing else to sell ?
In a word NO

And apart from 'new' stuff they are still clearing old stuff out

Been several craft clearances today, so plenty of unsold items!
just looked at the sky tv guide, it only goes up until 11pm next monday & that show is called (drum roll please) CRAFT DAY PREVIEW

i know your all bursting to see whats on this show but you will just need to wait. honestly your all like kids waiting for santa:21::21::21:

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