No Bin Men but got IW Delivery!!!


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Jun 24, 2008
Well we've not seen hide nor hair of the gritters this week, the bin men STILL haven't been, but my delivery from Ideal World has arrived this morning!!! I'd ordered 2 of the 1/2 price set of non slip hangers. I ordered them on Monday and they've arrived today (Friday).

If anyone hasn't got these hangers yet I've got to say they are really, really good. I got some when I ordered the Steam Generator Iron just before Christmas and they were in the pack with that. I've got loads more room in my wardrobes now so I can order lots and lots of the really, really, beautiful kaftans!!! NOT Lol

Can I say as well that the Iron is absolutely fantastic!!! I know someone on here got a duff one, but mine is great, saves me loads of times and does a really good job as well!!!

I also ordered 2 sets of these hangars and they arrived yesterday and l too am really impressed with them, l also had the duff iron, it was replaced pretty quick and is ok, but i did leave it on a thin fabric top the other day thinking it would be ok and it did melt on the iron so not so pleased with that, took ages to remove melted fabric, but for the prcie a good buy
We havent had any post all week - postie can't get to us. We did get gritters on Monday and Tuesday but they have now run out of salt/grit so don't think we will be getting one for a while. Also none left in the grit bin outside my house so can't even put a bit down myself.

Well done IW.
Same thing with me, no gritters, post or wheelie bin collection, but I did get my IW parcel.

Well done to them and the delivery company.
Plus - no Tesco home shopping (which I didn't expect) but they didnt ring me till 5.45 this evening to tell me it was cancelled and it was due between 4 and 6 pm!!!
A lot of IW things are delivered by self employed home couriers like me. most of us do our very best to try and deliver if we can - I was out today, but yesterday was a miserable failure due to too much snow on very big hills and people not knowing how to drive in it, so i gave up and went home.

We get paid pittances to deliver parcels, so hats off to all couriers who have made it out this week in very difficult circumstances :)

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