No 2 Minutes Silence?


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J'adore Labrador
Jun 25, 2008
I was watching QVC at 11 pm on the 11th November and decided to flick over to see if Bid and Price-drop had observed the 2 mins silence too, but they hadn't. I was kind of surprised they didn't bother
Not to surprised by it as they are going down hill fast in the CS department so this doesn't surprise me.
Makes me angry when they haven't the common decency to observe it. Ignorant pigs
I don't think flicking through TV channels is really in keeping with what the two minute silence is all about.

Personally, I'm not fussed about it. However, I would expect those who do support it to SWITCH THE TV OFF, stop what they're doing, and use the two minutes for thought, contemplation and remembrance.

It seems a bit silly and pointless to go flicking through TV channels to see if others are doing what you're not.
I don't think it matters if the TV is on or off, if you're out shopping or driving etc, most people shut up for two minutes. I was silent for two minutes, but thanks for your input oh masterful one :31: ;)

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