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Mar 7, 2009
I saw on the TV listings for QVC that Nina Leonard is on today. Has anyone tried this range, what is it like. I must admit some of the descriptions on the website don't sound all that nice. I've never tried this range, it it worth it, smiles.

I bought a skirt, jumper and shawl set, about 3 years ago, for £10 from Last Clicks. I wouldn't have wanted to pay full price for it but it was ok for a tenner. I altered the jumper as it was in the 'mock neck' style that Nina Leonard seem to favour, that I think is incredibly unflattering on the majority of women.

From my experience and looking at customer reviews I would say their things are more of the same overpriced polyester that QVC seem to think we want, that could be got cheaper from a market stall.
If you're asking for opinions about Nina Leonard....
I bought a top and a cardigan some time ago and they were awful. The material was very poor quality. I returned both items and wouldn't consider buying from that range again.

Infact I don't know if its just me but even the Centigrade winter coat I bought became very tatty looking within a short time.
I love Lenny but hate his clothes.

As do I , they are dreadful

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After seeing Kathy in his clothes this morning and she looked lovely , I looked at the fabric content on the web and the reviews for what she was werng was poor about 2 and how poor the quaitywas.

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