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Jun 24, 2008
Hi, Has any one else been invited to this event? I have just got my invitation for Thursday 15th January 2009.:18::18::18:
Me too

I have been invited for January 15th too: from 9a.m. to 1p.m. I don't know whether I will be able to accept yet, but I hope I can. It will depend on whether I can get a train early enough from the North East to get there in time. An overnight stay would make it too expensive for me.

It is nice to be asked though.

I also got an invitation to go to the Christmas Carol Concert on the 5th December, its all or nothing.
I got an invitation too - as Plint says it's very nice to be asked but I just can't justify the cost of travelling from Glasgow - I have already declined so they'll have plenty of time to invite someone else
I have always received an invitation but as I live in N.I I dont attend, havent received one yet this year.

The barstewards dont even allow me to give my invite to anyone else though, as I have tried to give my tickets to other forum members for the last 2 years.
I was fortunate enough to be given a ticket by a member from here last year - but had to be an imposter because of the "rules".
I just pretended to be her The girl who couldn't go sent me her address/customer number and I just gave her name/address/number instead of mine.
Once in it was so busy I just became myself!

Having been once tbh I wouldn't go again. You do get to meet all the guests -you can have your makeup done and nails by LD or nails inc.
A lot of what was displayed was new products coming up- like the philosophy shower gelees which have only just aired last week.
Jill Goldsmith was there - MB was pushing shampoo/conditioner. I wonder if she knew MB were leaving QVC - I doubt it.

Only presenter was Ali Young - who we did meet in the lift!
Pleasantly suprised how nice and normal some of the guests were. No pressurised sales pitch as nothing to sell. They seemed more interested in what people liked.
There is a raffle with very good prizes.
Did get a goody bag - QVC ruler/camera/goodies from most of the brands.
Some people were very greedy and swiping things off the displays that weren't really for taking.

Felt slightly embarassed on the train with my big QVC bag.
All in all - it was something I'm glad I did but wouldn't do again.
I have an invite! Going with my 20 year old daughter. Not bad for us as we are in Kent - just got to book a day off work.
I didn't even get a Christmas card or birthday card so doubt l would get one of these.

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