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Miss Kitty

AKA Broomstick Babe
Jun 24, 2008
Obviously still under construction but looks to be much better than the old one. Mind you, that wouldn't be difficult.....
Just had a quick look and it seems to be an improvement, although I'll reserve judgement until I try to buy something!
It looks so much better that I've had a complete blank and forgotten all my log-in details :confused:

One thing I have noticed though, is that there is a place to leave feedback about the new site, and it's a proper chance to leave your own comments, not the heavily weighted questionnaire that a certain other gems (oops!) channel provided after they changed their website.
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It'll take a bit of getting used to but seems a change for the better, however, the order history has disappeared. This happened last time they up-dated their website and took an age to return...I'm keeping my fingers crossed they sort it out sooner rather than later. Also, it looks to me if you order from the TV, the Internet and the shop it'll be only one P&P. Anybody want to try it to see? :D. I have signed up for the e-mail special offers...a discount code would be good. :)

just been looking at new site and my order history is still there
once you log in the 'log in box' changes and says welcome, then your name and underneath this there is a link to 'My Jewellery Channel' thats where the history is

i noticed there were 3 baskets too, but beside the tv auction one, it says "(Please note you can not bid on another item until you checkout)" not sure exactly what this means .... 1 tv auction + 3 from a shop etc, or just 1 tv auction ...
I even added 2 items from the shop ... didnt want to try with auctions (not fair if I chose something someone else was trying to buy) and it was ok, 2 in at once with an option to remove items

a step forward I think .. and some of the prices were ok too ....:)
I'm not getting anything in the Live Auctions box! It makes it a bit hard to bid when there's just a great big empty white nothing :mad:

Oh, it's back :) (but I missed the pearls :()
Thanks Faerie, I would have taken an age to find that :). I put something in my basket from the shop aswell and was surprised to see a remove option which also appears for web purchases in the falling auction. I have been putting more than one item in each option and there doesn't appear to be a limit to the number of items you can put in and then remove :D. The exception appears to be the live auction where, for research purposes :eek:, I've bid on more than one item and they are in my basket despite what it said about not being able to bid again, could be a glitch they will correct :confused:. There isn't a remove option, though. Best of all, one P&P...yah :D.
Well I for one appreciate all the research everyone's putting in :D

Just missed a break point - does anyone know what it was?
New website is an big improvement (well needed) :)

Looks like 3 different auctions (falling, tv & shop) can now be put in basket
so this is an improvement, wonder if it's still till 3am before items are removed
(probably is :( )

Anyway at least they are trying to make improvements
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What a massive improvement. I honestly think TJC are on the up which is really well timed considering the "other channel" are well and truly on their uppers!! Maybe the USA's loss is our gain :)
What a massive improvement. I honestly think TJC are on the up which is really well timed considering the "other channel" are well and truly on their uppers!! Maybe the USA's loss is our gain :)

I did email the Marketing Director to see if they had a press release about the new site, was happy to promote, but as usual nothing. I wonder if Suresh Punjab is aware of the stupidity of the people that run TJC UK.
Empty Live Auction box!

The sale of many items seems to have been rather sluggish today. And if TJC are wondering why...........perhaps other folks are like myself........unable to load any details of the live auctions.....on Internet Explorer or Firefox! :mysmilie_691.gif:
Mine keeps going on and off and also logs me out after a few minutes, not good if you are having to bid on something quickly! When working properly I think the new website is an improvement on the last one!!!

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