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Jun 24, 2008
I want to buy some Lock & Lock and having never had any before, can someone please point me in the right direction of the basic ones? There seems to be such a variety on QVC's website and I haven't got a clue where to start looking.

I don't want ones with fancy dials on and I do want ones whose lids don't warp or where bits fall offm as seems to be the case with some of them.

Many thanks. :1:
You need to go for a set with a variety of sizes in for a first time and see which sizes you use most so that when you get the next set (and you will!) you know which suits you best. I find that the middle sized ones are best as the very small ones you cannot get anything in and the big ones are too big for the fridge and too big to store when not in use.

They should make a set with the same size lids i.e. the box deeper or shallower to suit, as I always take ages finding the correct lid for each - if 'one size fits all' it would be so much better.
There was a brilliant set of 6 polycarbonate ones on a try me a while ago. They were all different sizes but the lids only came in two sizes and they stacked really well inside each other. These don't stain at all even when heating curry or spag bol!! Definitely the best I've bought.
Have a browse and go for a set with a few sizes in,I find I don't use the really small ones but thats just my preference.I like the medium ones which can fit in leftovers and portions of fruit for the kids lunchboxes.Never had any trouble with my lock and lock ,to be honest,I find it invaluable Great for space saving in the fridge and freezer
They recently did some Try me sets which were really good value and a range of sizes were included, try looking out for those:1:
Thaks very much for all your replies. I'm still a bit confused though, after visiting the Lock & Lock section of the QVC site. The reviews for some, including the polycarbonate ones, say the tops split easily.

There are so many different types of Lock & Lock and I want to make sure that I go for some that aren't going to have lids that break within a few weeks. I also want standard sized ones as tiny ones aren't any good for me. :33:

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