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Jun 10, 2009
Hi guys, newbie here :hi: (thank you Sacha for the lovely welcome in previous thread).

I tried to take some piccies of my new cinnammon zircon bracelet and uraguayan (is that spelt right?) amethyst pendant as I am so chuffed with them - but David Bailey has no reason for sleepless nights and I have hung up my camera in shame.

I've snaffled the photo's from the R&C site and attached instead, as you can actually see what they look like in them (unlike my efforts :tongue2:)

Colours are exactly as expected and have never seen such a clear sparkly amethyst, very pretty in purple!!


  • cinammon zircon bracelet.jpg
    cinammon zircon bracelet.jpg
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  • u amethyst.jpg
    u amethyst.jpg
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Welcome to the forum Flossie :) Lovely items you have there, i love Uruguayan Amethyst, such a rich deep shade. Enjoy wearing them :)
Welcome to the forum flossie, love the amethyst pendant well done on your purchases
I've seen the cinnamon zircon on screen, and it was absolutely gorgeous, not a flat colour but full of different shades. The amethyst looks a beautiful rich colour too.

Thanks for the welcome all of you - have only just discovered this site and am very happy to have found you all, its great to find people loving the bling and so happy to share your knowledge and advice :happy:

the cinammon zircon is exactly the colour that it looked on tv, so am chuffed to bits (and learning quickly that this is not always the case). As you say M4G, its got lots of shades and I'll add my technical input, its lovely and sparkly too :grin:

what can I say about the amethyst - its purple and proud, definately on the lookout for more of this type :tongue2:
Great choices......

Thanks for posting the pics Flossie. The bracelet looks lovely, I missed most of the Cinn Zircon presentations
and saw just the one, I think. It looks a very pretty stone and Zircon always gives you plenty of value in the sparkle stakes.

Uruguayan Amethyst is the best for a really deep colour and I'm sure you'll get lots of pleasure wearing your lovely new pendant.
Welcome to the spiritual home of all bling lovers; S.T., Flossie!
Lovely items you have there..... the cinnamon zircon bracelet is VERY pretty. I'll bet it catches the sun beautifully.... always supposing we get some more sun, eh?!!
Fingers crossed for a great summer so you can be sparkling every day!
Hiya Flossie <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> Love your bling.

Argey xx

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