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Jun 24, 2008
I was a bit confused when the Rocks & Co delivery man appeared at my door today as I wasn't expecting anything. Then I noticed that it was hubby's name on the parcels! :Thinking2: Turns out that he ordered a few wee surprises for me a couple of weeks ago but his card wasn't charged and nothing turned up! He couldn't actually remember what he'd ordered so didn't want to phone them and sound daft when they asked what he'd ordered! Anyway, here are the beautiful items he bought me - excuse the pics but you know how crap I am with a camera!!

The first is an Agate, Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Silver Ring which he bought just to add to another order - thrifty with the postage!

Number 2 is a Yellow Gold Rainbow Moonstone Ring. What lovely colours it displays. I have White and Orange Moonstone so this is a new one for me.

Number 3 is a Yellow Gold Russian Diopside - my third but a different style from the other two. I love this stone and the bright beautiful green colour. Really have to get a pendant now!

Finally, a 2.80 carat Yellow Gold Fancy Sapphire Ring. The colours are gorgeous and this pic doesn't show them off at all in fact they are rubbish pics. They are very bright and very sparkly, pink, yellow and green and I love it! I've actually seen a pendant which is almost a perfect match to this so will need to keep my eyes open for it coming on again now.

What a fab surprise! I've been threatening to trade him in for two half his age after 26 years of marriage but I think I'll just keep him after all :BigHug:



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:1: what a lucky girl you are ... and a lovely suprise you had there ... you know you can always share him if its too much for you to get these lovely pressies xxxx i dont mind honest :54:
send him to me asap,I've just bought my own birthday pressie,sunset sapphire £39,but of course there has been a problem with the card processing,never mind , no-one ever seems to be able to sort things out and most of them just don't care:62:
Ah ha! Got these from the new Historic Product Search on the website. What a great addition. These are much better than my pics.



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Hiya Klos
what a lovely surprise think you should probably keep your hubby:1:

I love russian diopside it's such a beautiful shade of green they do seem to do a few russian diopside pendants I've seen a couple of the last few days so worth keeping an eye out and prices seem really good either £29 or £39
What a lovely fella you have Klos. I'm in the group who have to buy their own glittery things,
so I don't think you'd want to swap!

Back to the goodies......such a very pretty collection of rings, they look lovely on you and in the links. Can't say I have a favourite as I like them all!

Btw your personal order history in your account has these pics and a very faint info link to bring up full details of each piece.
Lucky you Klos, what a fabulous surprise. That is one thing I can confidently predict will never happen in this household. Mind you, he did whisk me off to the Far East as a surprise last April, so I'm certainly not complaining and he's always so relieved when I sort out my own presents - quite sweet really. Enjoy your pieces, they are all lovely.
Aww! What a lovely hubby! He did well with the purchases too. My ex bought me a ring for my 40th ... didn't much like it at the time. Now I don't have to bother wearing it anymore!

Every cloud and all that ...
What lovely items you have there Klos.....and an even lovelier hubby too:1:

as you know it's me birthday.....my lovely hubby bought me a set of computer speakers as one of me prezzies..............now you know why i have to buy me own bling!!!!!:54:

Enjoy them all,hun xxx
You should have seen the look of relief on my hubby's face when I said I will buy my own Christmas prezzie and hand it to him to wrap up! :rolleyes:

He has surprised me just twice in 35 years, but never mind, he doesn't care how much of our money I spend as long as he can go for a pint at the weekend. :whistle:

What a fantastic surprise Klosblue and what a lucky girl you are! :heart:

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