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Jun 25, 2008
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew who the lady on gems 2 last night was I missed her name she seemed ok but didnt watch for long. ( she did remind me of lucy with the accent but she didnt screech). Mags
I saw her the other day when I was channel hopping Mags, didn't catch her name tho'.

There are two on now - I thought at first it was the same presenter on two different channels, but I'm almost certain they're different - ooh the one on Gems1 has just said she's Rae Walker. She seems OK, but I think it's time to channel hop.
The welsh girl is very good and nice to see her on GemsTV1, but after losing Derek who knows what GemsTV are up to. :(
New Presenter

Saw her last week on Gems TV 1, and she was on 2 last night.

Saw her name on screen - def called Rae Walker.

Thought she was really good - some great ad libs - and kept the whole thing moving along really well.

Know the wife bought a pendant in the ruby hour thanks to her persuasive skills....!!

But think she's definitely going to be a great part of the team there at GEMS.

Hope she's on more!

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