new order, green apatite ring


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Oct 16, 2008
today the 11 items arrived, featuring the green apatite wg ring.
but still thinking about it...i don't know...not that i won't wear it.
if i keep it i'll wear it (as i always change my blings) but i wonder if it really look good with me and it's a 50 and quite an OK price...

stone is 7mm and diamonds on shoulder are sparkley well complementing the stone but i am just not sure...there's a kind of...dullness? or i should say the clarity is not very high? Took pics in diff angles so can see pleochroism is not bad...

well still thinking about it, tag still on >"<
What do you ppl say?


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Does look slightly milky, I have a diamoneek ring that's a bit milky and wish I'd sent it back as it's nowhere near the clarity of other DM rings that I have.
I agree that if you have doubts these will grow not diminish if you are anything like me. It is pretty but lacks the clarity I would expect to see from apatite.
Send it back Alu. You should fall in love as soon as you open the box or it will sit in the box. If you love the design ask for a replacement. Come on spill what are the other pieces?
Well alupha,I think it looks nice,especially in the 3rd pic it looks very glowy,but it's about how you feel and if it does not blow you away then I would say send it back,maybe try another apatite ring to see if it does what you expect,if it doesn't it just may be that the stone is not for you.I am like that with amethyst,unfortunately as much as the stone is lovely it just doesn't really suit me.:1:
thx ppl, returning it, and the main reason is its clarity.
I like the design. The colour, pleochroism and even the neon glow are all great, but I am just a very very picky person for stones.

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