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Susie Wusie

Registered Shopper
Jun 24, 2008
Hi, is it only me who cannot get this to load up? been trying all day to see if items have been despatched yet and when click login/register it moves at speed of snail and then comes up with a message stating IW site is not responding, much like their CS dept.
new site

the new site is good except for the company and the stock, they have. some items marked as new are not as i have seen them before and so many items are currently sold out and going by past history it will be a lifetime before they are replace or may be they will leave them on to give the impression that they have/had lots of items in stock ??????????
Being an avid watcher of Ideal World's website , particularly the clearance sections, I have also noticed that some of the items of jewellery are years old and have been out of stock for years! What is the point of updating a website when it is full of items which I assume will never be back in stock again.

Good old Ideal, predictable as ever !
I found it very slow yesterday, but maybe they were busy. It's been better today. I don't like the way they have the schedule now. It's a bit fiddly. There is also a piece of fitness equipment on the craft schedule. Are they trying to tell us something??

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