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Holy crap - that first one is a doozie! Yum-yum, yes perlease!
Ho yes! They are both very pretty indeed Klos.

And I've spotted a few others I quite like


I ain't sharing them with no-one!

:mysmilie_770.gif: :mysmilie_770.gif: :mysmilie_770.gif:

Zip city here! :mysmilie_738.gif: :p
Well how about this one......

Oh, alright then......:mysmilie_175.gif:......I'll share this one with you.

9k Golden Sapphire and Diamond Y Gold ring

Have just noticed this in the New Items list that was posted a week ago.

I haven't seen this design before and think it is very pretty, has anyone seen it on air please?
(if anyone on this forum is still watching Gems, that is!!) :mysmilie_738.gif:

It would also look very nice filled with other colours of gemstones, methinks.
It's a nice ring and a lovely design, I see what you mean about other stones as well. Haven't been watching either apart from dropping in briefly, has anyone seen any of the amblygonite go to air yet? :confused:
Oh Sacha, that's gorgeous, I hope they air it soon for you.

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