New Guarantee period!! and "mega sale"


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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone noticed that the 30 day money back guarantee period has now been reduced to 7 days? Also another clearance sale, this time a "Million pound Stock Clearance"!!, is on all day today.
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7 days!? This sounds like yet another nail in the coffin, considering how much the presenters usually go on about the 30 day money back guarantee.
The signs aren't good are they?? Prepare for an announcement soon. :pPC:
I thought i'd heard correctly earlier..not a good sign at all! How are people meant to get Safegaurd (or whoever else) to value their items within 7 days? :(
With the demise of Jewellery Channel USA - and now this, one can only make bad assumptions.

I thought that 30 day returns of a product was a statutory right. (especially with distance selling)

When TJC USA was closing (final weeks) - they had a "All sales final, no refunds" policy. Not sure how law works there.. but it would be illegal for them to do such a thing here, surely?
The USA can get away with No Refund policy but under the UK's distance selling regulations it has to be 7 days.

I have emailed TJC to ask why it is now only 7 days, will post reply when I receive it.
Thanks Graham, am sitting here a little sad as i think this could well be the end looking forward to hearing the response with a baithed breath. I have to say if they are closing down it would only be right to let us viewers know whats going on. Mags
Yes, Graham. They have always said no return on earrings due to H&S reasons.
Hi Graham

I can assure you that The Jewellery Channel is not closing down, the statement you posted on this issue (24 June 2008) still holds absolutely true . The Million Pound Stock Clearance is a great opportunity for our customers to pick up some truly fantastic bargains before we introduce a large number of new and exciting designs.


Julian Hatteea
Marketing Director
The Jewellery Channel Ltd

I have asked if the 30 day money back guarantee will return after the clearance sale.
Steve said on TJC this morning that they are clearing out there Summer Stock to welcome in the Autumn Stock. :)

Sorry to sound cynical, but wouldnt most places say that? Their not likely to say "we're going bust next week".
Blimey!! not been on here for eons, after reading through all the posts it certainly looks abit iffy, I ordered a Diamond set on Monday - still waiting for it's arrival, and I've got Pink Sapphire and Diamond piece in my basket bought earlier today, it's lovely but I'm not sure whether to check it out now as I don't want to be stuck with it if things go belly up and it's not to my taste on arrival or worse I return it and then they go bust!:eek:
On the website it says that the terms and conditions during the million pound stock clearance are a reduction of the money back guarantee to 7 days, so maybe it's only for the sale and will go back up to 30 days afterwards. Or maybe it's their way of drastically shortening the money back guarantee period via the back door!
I'm assuming the 7 days return idea is just for the sale, Anoushka repeated several times yesterday that the items had a 30 day return period, I remember it as she was spelling out to us that it was nearly a month :rolleyes:
Yes, Graham. They have always said no return on earrings due to H&S reasons.

I've never been totally sure about this, it says that on the screen but they still come with the tab that says 'item non returnable if removed' so from that I've always felt it wasn't that rigid?....that said I've never actually returned any......not that I recall anyway :D:D:D

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