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Sparkle plenty

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Jul 14, 2008
Haven't bought anything for ages, so dipped a toe in the internet and the order came today. These four little geegaws came out of their smart little boxes:
Pink pearls: These were in the clearance so I got them for a ridiculously cheap £6! They are a really pretty pink, not lurid, not pale, just right. They're well strung and just the right length. So they stay!
Olive green pearls, again in the clearance, for a whopping £4. They are more peacock than olive, a nice size and a nice drop. They stay too.
Mookite earrings. Now, I am completely besotted by these. They were all of £9 (I really am trying to save in the 'crunch'), and I wasn't sure about them on the streming picture, but they are like that dress that looks like nada on the hanger in the shop and then comes alive when you try it on. The drop is perfect, the shape is really well balanced and the silver is not too much, just adds interest. They really are super! My pair is sort of a solid caramel colour, although I gather they can range from orange stripes to deep red.
I had high hopes for this, but the stone is a bit too orangey, and it isn't quite right somehow, so back it goes. I will look for this oxidised silver again, just not this stone.

Three out of four ain't bad!
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Hi sparkly a nice selection of goodies at bargain prices I was'nt sure about the oxidised silver when i seen it on rocks the other night I dont think it's for me but we are all different so enjoy your keepers.
Lovely haul and great prices too. I love the mookite earrings so much so that I went for two pairs!!!! 1 are just like yours all caramel with some red stripes and the other pair is more red!!!!! Love it. Mookite is such a pretty stone with so many colours.
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Well, Bargain Hunter, I may just have a look for another pair of the Mookite to slip in the next order b4 Xmas, if the earrings are still available. I have a daughter + goddaughters, so they all get sparklies as presents.

Thanks for the picture, those are completely different to mine! They are so lush! Now I have seen how different they can be, I will have to grab another pair! As I said, the drop, the balance and the width are all perfect in these earrings.
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Sorry its a blur picture hopefully post a better one later. It is worth going for another pair as it will be different to your current one, fingers crossed x
Well done on a bargain haul Sparkle, I did a double take on the prices. mysmilie_1436

Your three keepers are all very nice and the Mookite looks a very interesting stone and thanks to BH for posting a picture.
Hope you can get some more as nice prezzies for the young ladies.
Thanks, what great photos. They certainly show the differences; they both look lovely. I missed out on something today, so if that didn't all go, I'll try for another pair at auction after the w/end.

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