Neigh, Neigh!!


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So that's the new stock they've been banging on about! Mr and Mrs Katie Price might've liked that in pink diamonds.

****** hell, these jewellery channels don't half sell some *****
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That was hysterical! I agree it's hideous! Who in their right mind would buy that?

You needed to see the turquoise that they had on sale this morning to see horrible! They had a full hour of it. MASSIVE bits of turquoise (the size of half a fist), gussied up as the ugliest rings you have ever clapped your eyes on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They were truly, truly horrible.
What was the designer smoking when they came up with that, errrrrr, unique design?
Your move....

Perhaps its the first piece of a new Chess range?


and checkmate! :mysmilie_175.gif:
It's not very pretty (to say the least), but I still think it's got nothing on the tanzanite earrings with skulls on them - and those went for over £400 I seem to recall.

I think I was lulled into a false sense of optimism a couple of months ago when some very elegant designs appeared!

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