need help with Aiptek AHD200 camcorder


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Jun 24, 2008
Hi i was woundering if anyone could help me with this camcorder . when i put the memory stick into the computer i can only watch the video in sections, does anyone no how i can view all the sections without clicking on them one by one any help would be great thanks:)
Do you mean you have taken more than one video and want to watch them as one long video?

If so you need a video editor - Windows XP and Vista have a free one built in called Movie Maker.

yes - do I have to upload this- is it easy to use? I am pretty useless at that sort of thing!!!
Windows Movie Maker is pretty simple to use although very basic.

Open MM, tab top left (I'm using Vista but may be a little different in XP), Import Media, find the drive that it's on, which may be D,E,F, that will be your card reader or the USB port. Import them all and have the program output them as one either by publishing to the computer itself, I think it's an .mpg file or to a DVD watchable in a stand alone DVD player (as well as the computer DVD player).

I know I'm total rubbish at explaining thing but I hope you get my drift.

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